Technical Committee on Sustainable Biomass and Biofuels Meeting

The next meeting of the technical committee on sustainable biomass and biofuels will be held on 8 June. The committee will be reviewing the REDII Forest Biomass Operational Guidance. Bioenergy Europe encourages national associations to reach out to their governments in advance of the meeting if they have not done so to share Bioenergy Europe’s reply and their concerns. For more information, please contact Giulia Cancian

Stakeholders workshop on RED II and EED implementation

Bioenergy Europe attended the JRC workshop organized to discuss and finalise a series of reports focusing on heating and cooling. These reports will be used in the implementation of the RED II and EED. The Secretariat will work on additional comments in written form, which will be circulated before the submission planned for next week. For more information, please contact Irene di Padua