Study on forest-related certification and wood-based products

In August, DG ENV presented a study that outlines how to provide a better overview of forest-related certification schemes and the differences between them. The main finding of the study is that that certification can provide significant support to operators in their efforts to meet EU Timber Regulation obligations for due diligence. Furthermore, certification can control and manage fraud and corruption in the sector. 

Climate, Energy and Environmental Aid Guidelines (CEEAG)

Bioenergy Europe’s Secretariat submitted its response to the public consultation on the revised CEEAG. Moreover, Bioenergy Europe drafted with 4 other business associations (Ocean Energy, Estela, EGEC Geothermal, EUREC) a common list of amendments including a crucial reference to paragraph 107 which currently sets an arbitrary differentiation among renewable technologies. A joint letter addressed to Commissioners Simson, Gabriel and Vestager was also sent by the same associations. For more information, please contact Michal Dlugosz.

Sustainable Finance Taxonomy

The Sustainable Finance Taxonomy Platform has opened a public consultation to gather further evidence and feedback on the proposed draft recommendations for the technical screening criteria. The final report will be presented in November 2021 and will be used by the European Commission as a starting point to define its delegated acts. The current draft report is negatively biased towards the bioenergy sector. The secretariat will circulate a draft reply. For more information, please contact Giulia Cancian.

Energy Taxation Directive

Bioenergy Europe’s Secretariat drafted a position paper on the proposed revision of the Energy Taxation Directive which includes a list of proposed amendments. We kindly ask members to provide us with input by 10 September 2021. The position paper will serve as a contribution to the ongoing open consultation on the Comission’s adoption of the legislative proposal which is open until 27 October 2021For more information, please contact Michal Dlugosz