Call on Carbon initiative signed by Bioenergy Europe

Bioenergy Europe has undersigned the Call on Carbon initiative, which calls on governments to ramp up carbon pricing. The open letter calls for governments to back their net zero targets with effective carbon pricing instruments, align their carbon pricing to create a stable investment environment and support cost-effective mitigation efforts to minimise carbon leakage. The initiative is supported by leaders from more than 100 businesses, cities, universities and business associations and networks, whose members and partners represent and gather over 60 million companies and farmers.

Energy prices in the EU

A dramatic increase of the energy prices in the EU was a subject of debate during European Council summit, 21-22 October and the sectoral Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting on 26 October. Earlier this month, the European Commission proposed an Energy Price Toolbox mostly focusing on the short-term measures. In the long-term ministers mentioned the following measures: reforming the functioning of the wholesale electricity market, voluntary joint purchase schemes for gas and EU-level solutions for storage. For more information, please contact Michal Dlugosz.

WG Sustainability and WG Biopower & CHP

The joint WG Sustainability and WG Biopower & CHP meeting took place on 14 October where the current situation of Fit for 55 dossiers (REDII implementation, REDIII outlook, LULUFC and EU ETS) was discussed. Furthermore, the reasons behind the current energy price crisis were presented and an outlook was given what role bioenergy can play in the future to mitigate price changes. Minutes along with the slides are available. For more information, please contact Giulia Cancian.