New Emergency Energy Council in November

A new emergency meeting of the Energy Council is expected in November, with the aim of adopting a legislative proposal on capping gas prices. The European Commission would present an urgent legislative package that will be first discussed at the EU summit on 20-21 October, then at the Energy Council on 25 October. For more information, please contact Ennio Prizzi.

EU ETS Revision

On 10 October, the second trilogue on the EU ETS took place. Three major crises have been addressed: mitigating energy prices, stopping the financing of Russian aggression in Ukraine and maintaining the climate ambition for 2030. An agreement was reached on the steel benchmark and indirect cost compensation. For more information, please contact Ennio Prizzi.

EU Bioeconomy Conference

The Commission hosted the 2022 Bioeconomy Conference, both live in Brussels and online. During the 2-day event, there were robust discussions on how biomass can be used, promoted, can replace fossil fuels, and on the existing limits and challenges to expanding the bioeconomy. Most of the sessions are also available online through Vimeo. For more information, please contact Daniel Reinemann.