Sustainable Carbon Cycles

The report on Sustainable Carbon Cycles was adopted by the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee with 64 votes against 6 and 8 abstentions. MEPs recognise the potential of this initiative to contribute to the EU net carbon removal target of at least net 310 megatons (Mt) by 2030 while stressing that carbon removals should complement and never replace legally binding emissions reductions. For more information, please contact Ennio Prizzi.

Updates on RED Revision

The latest REDIII political trilogue took place on 6 March. The co-legislators decided not to exclude bioenergy and hydroelectricity from the “go-to areas” (now called “acceleration areas”) for the deployment of renewables. Member States have the option to exclude or request an environmental assessment on a specific bioenergy project. Co-legislators reiterated their commitment to close the RED negotiations by the end of March. For more information, please contact Daniel Reinemann.

Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Forum

On 7 March the EU Commission presented the latest updates on the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling revision to Member States and stakeholders. The proposal of ENER Lot10 and Lot20 is still on the table but raises the concerns of some national experts. Bioenergy Europe circulated a joint letter pushing against the merger. For more information, please contact Irene di Padua.

EU Bioeconomy Assessment

An assessment of the progress and the trends in the EU bioeconomy, carried out by the JRC, confirms the findings of the EU Bioeconomy Progress Report that a better policy coordination is needed to tackle the multiple pressures on land from biomass demand. For more information, please contact Jérémie Geelen.