Net-Zero Industry Act

The report on the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA) by MEP Christian Ehler was adopted by the European Parliament ITRE Committee with 43 in favor, 12 against, 3 abstentions and is expected to be voted in plenary on 20 November. The representatives of EU member states are still discussing their position on the NZIA and aim to adopt their position (general approach) by early December. For more information, please contact Ennio Prizzi

2023 EU Bioenergy Days campaign is on!

The EU Bioenergy Days campaign is up and running! Bioenergy Europe is collecting success stories under the theme “Getting rid of fossil fuels” to feature the diverse use of bioenergy at an individual, residential, local or national level. Please, contribute to the campaign by sharing stories on the significance of the sector for energy security and independence from fossil fuels. Send your success story (text around 500 words + pictures; optional: video material, factsheets, etc.) to Clara Puig De Torres-Solanot

Taskforce on National Advocacy

On 21 September, advocacy experts from all member organisations met online to discuss National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs), the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD), the Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF) and the Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA). Members were encouraged to reach out national governments to support Bioenergy Europe’s standing on these files and to sign and share our Open Letter about NZIA. For more information, please contact Irene di Padua

EU Advocacy revendicated at Lobbying Seminar

Last week, Bioenergy Europe hosted an in-person EU lobbying seminar for members in Brussels. During the seminar, the Advocacy Team went over the EU legislative process and showed the importance of having members reach out to their national EU representatives and governments. For more information, please contact Irene di Padua

SOTEU highlights the Green Deal

On 13 September Ursula Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, delivered her annual State of the European union Speech (SOTEU). During the speech she reaffirmed her compromise with the Green Deal but did not single out bioenergy at any point. You can read or watch her speech in full here.

REDIII Trilogue Agreement Adopted in EP

Following a debate on 12 September, the European Parliament voted to adopt the Trilogue agreement on the Renewable Energy Directive (REDIII) by a vote of 470 votes in favour, 120 against and 40 abstentions. Now that the Parliament has adopted a position at the first reading, the legislation moves to the Council for approval. For more information, please contact Daniel Reinemann

REDIII Plenary Debate

The European Parliament has scheduled a debate for 12 September on the Renewable Energy Directive (REDIII) with a vote expected afterwards during the same Plenary sitting. The Parliament will be voting on the agreement reached in the trilogues and no additional changes are expected. For more information, please contact Daniel Reinemann.

Biofuel and Biogas Methodology published in OJ

New Rules have been published in the Official Journal by the European Commission establishing a methodology for determining the share of biofuels and biogas for transport which are produced from biomass which are processed in a common process with fossil fuels.

UK publishes its Biomass Strategy

On 10 August, the UK Government published its Biomass Strategy 2023, which sets out the role sustainable biomass can play in reaching net zero, what the government is doing to enable that objective, and where further action is needed. Among others, the Strategy reaffirms the UK Government’s support and commitment to BECCS as a critical component for reaching net zero.